Think you can’t afford a bold, innovative, and integrated marketing agency? Think again.

Red Label is the glue that binds your customers to your brand.

It’s simple. We create messages that stick. We bridge the gap between creative needs and business goals. Our stories engage. Our ideas leave an impression. Our marketing works. Red Label's main goal is to create value-driven marketing solutions. We stick to it. We listen. We think. We challenge. We create. We share. And, unlike the large agencies – we won’t stick it to you.

"We LOVE the look…you hit a home run!"

- Event & Communications Director, SEPAC (Small Explorers & Producers of Canada) (Oil & Gas Magazine Cover)

"Thanks so much – this looks phenomenal!!!!!"

- Research Coordinator, Sunergy

"...very high quality work, we really appreciated the effort you put in listening to our requirements and then incorporating changes quickly..."

- Simon Blyth, VP Operations and Business Development, Spark Integration Technologies Inc.

"...your team is both creative and patient. Thank you for making this a great first experience, we look forward to other projects in the very near future."

- Marketing Manager, Direct Cash Management Inc.