Red Label Vancouver was approached to create and design a campaign that captured the qualities unique to the Pan Pacific Vancouver brand to help them solidify their industry-leading position in the minds of affluent travelers. There are many luxury hotels in downtown Vancouver but none like the Pan Pacific Vancouver. A fixture on the Vancouver skyline for 25 years, it boasts exceptional views of the North Shore of Vancouver and has been the hotel of choice for distinguished guests including heads of state, royalty, and movie stars. Words like luxury, spectacular, and quality may describe Pan Pacific Vancouver well but owning those words with hundreds of brands vying for the same mindset was simply not an option.


Red Label Vancouver opted for a decidedly different approach than typical hotel ads to help Pan Pacific Vancouver and came up with the “Distinguish Yourself” campaign. The ads avoid the trap of using imagery that represents distinguished views or distinguished atmosphere. Using an elegant black background and classic Pan Pacific Vancouver gold lettering and font, the graphic design uses two lines of copy to establish a bond between the viewer and the hotel. Instead of using typical hotel imagery, the ad campaign design allows the viewer to imagine the distinguished views and distinguished atmosphere.


The word “distinguished” is meaningful and not overly saturated. The visual style of the graphic design stands out from the crowd and grabs your attention. The copy is true to the brand and connects with the audience. The campaign design began as a single magazine layout in Vancouver’s Helijet Magazine, and the results were immediate and impressive. The print ad design received unprecedented positive word of mouth. The campaign quickly moved to print ads in the Globe and Mail and Flash banner ads at various online web portals. Each advertisement design maintains the look and feel established at the beginning of the ad campaign — but remains flexible enough to allow for specific adjustments to each ad placement.