Osum approached Red Label Communications for an innovative multimedia solution that would highlight their state of the art technology and processes through 3D video. The video had to be of the highest quality and reflect (as closely as possible), the actual extraction process. Osum is a privately held, Alberta-based company focused on the application of “In Situ” technologies to the oil sands. To appeal to a sophisticated, highly-technical audience the final video had to follow strict guidelines. Additionally, it needed to showcase Osum’s unique strategic advantages as a junior oil sands company and offer a convincing call to action for investors.


Red Label created an amazingly accurate 3D video highlighting Osum’s exciting new technology. Instead of a dull report, exciting 3D imagery, a compelling voice-over and cinematic quality photography transformed Osum’s facts and figures into an engaging presentation. Red Label paid special attention to style guidelines and key messages to ensure that the final product complemented Osum’s brand.


Osum reported a very favorable overall reaction to the video. They noted that the length of typical website visits had increased. Additionally, the project played an integral role in helping them achieve great recognition as industry leaders.