Chamco Vancouver came to Red Label Communications looking for a powerful multimedia business tool to enhance a speaker-driven presentation. Founded in 1962 as Chutter Hydraulics and Machinery, today Chamco services and distributes top of the line air compressors, centrifugal pumps, and diaphragm pumps to Western Canada’s oil and gas, mining, forestry, pulp and paper, power generation, manufacturing and utility markets. To be effective, the animated multimedia tool would have to complement the speaker without taking too much attention away from him. Additionally, the animated multimedia tool would need to help audience members gain a better understanding of the topic.


Red Label Vancouver designed a dynamic animated power point presentation that reinforced the key ideas of the speaker. Special consideration was taken to ensure the content of each slide was balanced to support each concept and foster greater viewer comprehension. Red Label worked with Chamco Vancouver to strengthen key messages and ensure that the final animated multimedia presentation met key business objectives.


The final animated multimedia presentation was a great success and the client reported enhanced comprehension and increased audience engagement.