Red Label was approached by Sage Vancouver to create brand design concepts for the launch of Simply Accounting, the most popular personal accounting software in Canada. Sage Vancouver wanted to launch the exciting new product with something stylish and different. They wanted design concepts that would help establish the company as young and vibrant but still highly professional. Additionally, they wanted a look and feel that suggested a friendly, easy-going attitude.


Red Label designed Claire, Bob, and Sue - the Clouds in My Coffee characters. The Clouds in My Coffee characters are Flash-based and each has a distinct personality and face specific accounting challenges. In addition to the characters, Red Label Vancouver wrote, storyboarded, and produced an animated video design called Clouds in my Coffee. Using multimedia, the video animation tells the story of the three characters and showcases how Simply Accounting helped them overcome their accounting challenges.


The Clouds in My Coffee video animation has received thousands of views on YouTube and continues to draw attention. The cartoon characters have developed a life of their own and are now being used in POS displays, online campaigns, and are even in the entrance window of the Sage Canada offices.