Fekete approached Red Label Communications Vancouver to design an engaging multimedia animated tool to help drive sales. Founded in 1973, Fekete is a Calgary-based consulting company that provides integrated reservoir management services and software to the oil and gas industry. Fekete wanted an animated video tool that would leverage the power of multimedia to engage end users and that would, ultimately, help drive sales.


Red Label’s animated video design is a fast-paced, engaging, and informative multimedia tool that provides detailed insight into Fekete’s products and services. The video incorporated exciting design elements of motion, still imagery, and on screen text to keep the audience engaged. The company’s key messages were supported with visuals, voice-over, and on screen text.


The engaging animated video continues to help Fekete market their software and services. Besides providing a compelling call to action, the multimedia video design reflected professionally on Fekete’s culture and helped establish them as an industry leader.