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Marketing Consultation

Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) is one of the most important elements of a successful business, but what does it mean? Well, essentially, it means that when you're putting together a marketing campaign, you've considered all your options and picked the right ones. You've figured out what your key message is and you're getting that message to your target audience. Whether you're launching a new product, introducing a new service, or trying to establish your brand in a competitive marketplace, your marketing is often what makes or breaks a business.

The Red Label team includes experts in marketing and communications. We provide marketing consultation to large and small companies with various resources and budgets. We've helped startups establish themselves and take a bite out of someone else's market. And we've also helped larger corporations maintain and expand their market share. A number of things need to work correctly to ensure the successful execution of an effective marketing campaign. From the initial creative concepts and market research to the design and deployment of the final campaign, Red Label understands marketing. It's what we do.

Would you like to know which group of consumers in your industry holds the most economic value for your brand? Or, which particular features and benefits would make for the most profitable new product? Or, perhaps you'd like to know why a particular ad campaign worked while another didn't? Red Label can help. Learn how to fully understand your customers and leverage your data as a strategic asset. We look at product motivations, problems, demographics, media exposure patterns and anything else you might like to examine.

Red Label provides consultation on market segmentation, marketing auditing, marketing development strategy, marketing planning, guided implementation, marketing performance metrics, collaborative consulting, market research consulting, and tools and technology.

At Red Label, we help companies tell their stories and we show them how to share those stories.

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