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Website Design

How does Red Label create a website that sticks? Careful research and planning are just the beginning. A great website requires detailed project management, proven processes, and user inspired design. Successful web design has many distinct and interconnected elements. Red Label understands information architecture. When you get right down to it, information architecture is really just a fancy term that describes how information (content) is presented. The ultimate purpose of web design is to create an attractive and useful website that presents content (information) in a way that is intuitive to the end-user. The way your end-user (client) interacts with your website is extremely important.

Great website design ensures that when a client arrives at your website, they will immediate realize two things. First, they will understand that they can accomplish their goal (you can meet their needs). And, second, they will understand how to find the information they need quickly and easily (you can guide them where they need to go). In addition to satisfying your client’s needs, a great website will also support your brand and corporate values. The reason you invested in a website in the first place is to sell a product or service. If your website isn't achieving this business goal, it isn't working, and it isn’t a Red Label website.

Navigation on a website should be almost intuitive. Your clients should always know where they are and how to find what they need. Red Label finds the perfect balance between the needs of the end user and your business goals. And that’s why we create great websites. Ensuring that your clients find your website is another story, it’s called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - but don’t worry, Red Label handles that for you too. We actually factor it into your website design.

Red Label follows a strict website design methodology and our project approach includes three distinct stages:

  • Discovery
  • Design and planning
  • Development and implementation

Form a positive lasting bond with your customers, with intelligent web design from Red Label.

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