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Intranet / Extranet Programming

Does your company need a way to communicate and share information securely? Planning and programming an Intranet (basically, a website restricted to people in your company) isn't as daunting as you might think. A cost-effective intranet can also foster better communincation, project management, and more. What's more, with the right software, your intranet can be converted into an extranet (a restricted website that also allows access to select users outside the company). Extranets are extremely useful when external vendors are key members of a project.

Red Label can help you determine your employee needs and wants. We'll help you determine exactly what you want your intranet / extranet to do and with whom. We'll even provide consultation for administrators. At Red Label, our projects have scalability built right in. You can start small and grow your intranet / extranet at a reasonable pace.

Help your employees and vendors form lasting positive bonds, with intranet / extranet web programming from Red Label.

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