Red Label offers many different print services.

Pre-press & Printing Coordination

When it comes to effective printing and publishing, a number of complex procedures must be successfully completed between the creation of a print layout and the final printing. We understand everything there is to know about pre-press and printing coordination, traditional printing, and web to print. Whether it’s manufacturing a printing plate, image carrier or form, fine adjustments of images and text, or the creation of a high-quality digital print file - Red Label understands printing.

Red Label handles all your pre-press and printing needs including: typesetting, copy-editing, markup, proofing, proofreading, screening, imposition, separation, and the manufacturing of plates, and all the way down the line to selecting the best type of paper.

Do you need your collateral printed in another city? Another Province? Even another Country? We can help make this run smoothly from start to finish. Let us make your pre-press and printing headaches go away.

Let Red Label handle pre-press and printing coordination for you. Red Label provides creative that sticks.

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