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Website Analytics

Okay, we’re going to tell it to you straight. In simple terms, website analytics is the ‘who, when, why, what and how’ of your website’s traffic. Who is visiting you? When are they visiting? Why are they visiting? What are they looking for? How long are they staying? Are most of your clients coming from a particular place? If so, then maybe you should focus your advertising there? Or, maybe you should tailor your content to a particular type of client? Are you losing potential clients when they go to your online catalogue? Red Label understands website analytics and can help you optimize your website.

Whether it’s design, content, or usability, Red Label can help you accurately analyze information about your website traffic and improve overall site performance. And that’s what good website analytics is all about. And, when it comes to website analytics, size really doesn’t matter. Red Label has provided detailed website analysis for large and small companies alike.

Find out who is coming to your website and why, with website analytics from Red Label.

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