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Interactive CDs / DVDs

Interactive CDs and DVDs are a cost-effective way to present a variety of media. Did you know that you can fit 250,000 pages of text on a single CD? Did you know that a DVD can typically hold over 4 gigs of data? Impressive, isn't it? You should see what happens when Red Label designs interactive CDs and DVDs. Large amounts of information is presented to the end user in a relevant and useful way. It's quite a sight to behold. Your clients find the information they're looking for, your staff learns quicker, and your investment pays for itself before you know it.

The Red Label team includes experts in CD and DVD authoring and we offer a full line of professional services in multimedia authoring, DVD authoring, DVD replication, and more. Red Label offers a number of services to prepare your raw media for delivery. Every client's needs are unique and we'll work to ensure you achieve the final result you want. Speak to us about a custom designed interactive CD or DVD solution.

Form a lasting positive impression with your clients, your staff, or the public with interactive CDs and DVDs from Red Label.

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