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You've probably picked up a flyer from under your windshield wiper. It was probably simple black text on brightly coloured paper, and the end result was hideous and ineffective. That was not a Red Label flyer. A flyer (or leaflet) is more than just a piece of paper with words and pictures on it. At Red Label, we believe a great flyer is an effective way to leave a positive lasting impression on your target market. Think about it. A flyer is a simple but effective way to get a key message into your customer’s hands. If you seize the opportunity and make a good first impression, the prospective client will want to take a little piece of your brand home with them. Days, weeks, even months later, when they think about making a purchase in your industry, who are they going to call? If you let Red Label help you, we’ll ensure that they remember your flyer and call you. Red Label flyers are cost-effective and get results.

Form a positive lasting bond with your customers - let Red Label design your flyers with creative that sticks.

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