Red Label offers many different web services.

eCommerce Websites

Red Label provides enterprise and small business eCommerce all-in-one websites tailored to your specific business needs. Our platforms provide you with the most robust and innovative eCommerce features available. Red Label will give you the eCommerce tools your business needs to succeed in the online market. We ensure the end-users online shopping habits are considered and that all features are easy to use. Our cost-effective eCommerce website solutions provide you with everything you need to ensure that you sell more and sell faster.

Our websites can include a web-based administration area and full-featured customer relationship manager (CRM). Additionally your business can benefit from a variety of useful features such as reporting sections that generate custom reports and graphs (includes SQL editor), ROI tracking, the ability to view and process orders online, the ability to print packing documents, automatic shipping confirmations, integrated point of purchase (POP) systems, and more.

Ecommerce websites offer vast management functionality such as bulk data import and export, live stock status, and real-time inventory management. Comprehensive tools provide multiple options for managing your vendors and products. Altering product photos, descriptions, and pricing is a breeze. Whether you need to assign multiple pricing levels to a product, set-up an expiry date for a sale, or assign products to multiple categories, Red Label makes managing and using eCommerce websites a more user-friendly experience for you and your clients.

Whew! That's a lot of stuff. Give us a call and we'll help you decide what type to eCommerce website solution will be best for you.

Form a positive lasting bond with your online clients, with tailor-made eCommerce website solutions from Red Label.