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Wordmark Design

Fedex, Coca-Cola, and MTV are examples of some of the most compelling and memorable wordmarks ever created.

A wordmark is a logo without symbols or pictures. They're widely used by corporations and businesses because they're effective. Still, it's a lot harder to design an effective wordmark logo than you might think. What type of company do you want to present? Should it represent a person, a service, or a product? It's easy to wind up with an impressive looking logo that has nothing to do with your business. The goal is to create a clear, visually memorable identity. With wordmarks, the representation of the word becomes a visual symbol of the organization or product. Have Red Label’s talented graphic artists create a unique wordmark that combines your company's name and graphics into an effective component of your brand.

At Red Label, we can help you change an ordinary word into a visual masterpiece. We love things like kerning, spacing, fonts, type weights, and shapes. In fact, our designers live for this stuff.

Create a lasting positive bond with wordmark logo design from Red Label.

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